Tuesday, July 15, 2008



I highly recommend Keith Giles’ interactive presentation on “Poverty in the OC”. First Keith knows his topic. He brings together careful research with the practical wisdom and undiminished compassion that comes with years of first-hand experience.

Secondly, he has a gracious approach to teaching his topic that shames nobody, and engages everybody – young and old. He was able heighten our awareness of the serious problem of poverty, and at the same time to inspire in us a new sense of possibility that ordinary people like us, with God’s help, could make a difference in the lives of those in need. Keith’s compassion for the poor in Orange County is infectious, and by the time he had finished we had all caught the bug.

Marti Clark
Regional ALPHA Ministries Event Coordinator

Schedule your free, Interactive Presentation on Poverty in the OC today. It's specifically designed for small groups, leadership and pastoral teams, or any group that's interested in learning more about poverty in Orange County and how to get more involved helping people in our community.

To set up your Interactive Presentation please email Keith Giles at
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