Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The Orange County Board of Supervisors has voted to spend the following amounts in the new $5.56 Billion Budget:

$54,463 for a company to test fire alarms at Juvenile Hall once during the year.

$45 an hour through 2009 for one man to perform "Rodent Control Services" at the county's flood-control channels.

$165,655 bonus to ACS State & Local Solutions (formerly Lockheed Martin) for the company's work on a lucrative $22,087,278 information technology contract.

$22.6 million for 3 Anaheim parcels the assessor's office says are worth less than $9.5 million.

$100,000 to the private Orange County Business Council which lobbies for the Irvine Co. and other local corporate giants so that it can produce a "Workforce Investment" Study.

$99,000 bonus to a Newport Beach consultant (Lisa Burke) who was already getting $100,000 to write a "Community Indicators Report" that the Business Council will use to track "key indicators of economic, social and environmental well-being in an effort to assess the overall quality of life in Orange County."

$240,000 to local Republican Party boss Scott Baugh, a self-styled fiscal conservative for lobbying in Sacremento.

$60,000 a year until 2010 for a company to shred documents at just one county department: Social Services Agency

$136,000 to build a canopy at the entrance to a county building.

$135,000 for a company to perform art exhibhition packing services at John Wayne Airport.

$268,000 for a company to test and (if necessary) repair the fire alarm system at Theo Lacy Jail over the next 12 months.

$93,000 to a private firm that will pick up mail at post office boxes for two county departments.

$435,000 for just two IBM office laser printers - $102,000 for the machines and an astonishing $333,000 for maintenance.

$67,000 for consultant Mike Mount to determine whether the county's purchasing operations are wasteful.

--Source: The OCWeekly

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